27 May 2013

Amazing Magic Show & Balloon Sculpturing Session

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It was a hectic weekend as our entertainers rushed around Sunny Singapore to the various birthday parties. We were booked once again for our Deluxe Party Package for a girl’s 7th birthday party. Upon arriving at the party, we commenced immediately with the balloon sculpturing session as most of the guests were on time. The children were extremely enthusiastic about our balloon sculptures and the queue started forming as the children rejoined the queue to get more than one balloon sculpture!

Once it was time to begin the magic performance, we settled the kids down to kick off the amazing magic performance that will ensue for the next 30 minutes. The adults who accompanied the children were having a good laugh at the jokes and gags that the magic entertainer said during his performance. The boisterous crowd were extremely responsive to the performance and we were glad that the feedback we received at the end of the party was positive.

The Magic Show was extremely engaging and funny. The kids definitely enjoyed it!

– Mr Manish Asthana

Birthday Party Magic Show

In fact, we had run out of name cards as that was the last birthday party for the weekend and we had to manually take down the contact numbers of our future potential clients.

Here’s looking forward to a fun and exciting June Holiday season 🙂

Signing off,

The WOO Parties Team 🙂


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