04 Jun 2013

Planning a children’s party in Singapore

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Plan Wonderful Parties for Your Beloved

The Theme

First off, pick a theme! Will it be a hello-kitty party, tea party, adventure hunting or a movie midnight party?

Venue Logistics

Decide where you will host the party event. This will determine a big part of the party; from how many people the venue can hold to what type of food you can serve. When preparing the food, make sure no one has any food allergies. You can enquire with the children’s parents on the day of the party itself so that they can avoid certain food!


Second, you will have to decide who you will want to invite to your party. Make the invitations ensuring that the child’s name, date, time, location and contact number to RSVP. We will talk more about how you should handle invitations in the next article :).


Now this one is a headache for most parents and this is where we come in. You won’t want to organise some sort of swimming game or sporting activities as they might be dangerous even if there are plenty of parents around. Why not get your child professional entertainment instead? Magic shows and party games provide quality entertainment without straining your budget. The activities are carried out in a safe and controlled environment so you don’t have to be constantly on the look out.

But why go through all the trouble? Consult with us today and let us do it on your behalf!


You will be glad you did 🙂


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