04 Jun 2013

Planning a Kids Party in Singapore: Who to invite to your kid’s party

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As adults we should be conscious of the politics of kids’ party invitations. Knowing who to invite without practically asking everyone, isnt always easy.


Its All About Perception & Numbers

There’s no rule that is set in stone. Do you invite all his/her classmates? From experience, we feel that it’s not okay to exclude a very tiny number – the smaller the percentage you leave out, the meaner it becomes.

One common approach is to just invite the girls/ boys only. This can work well in some classes but sometimes your child may just have best friends from the opposite gender. You may get over this by inviting all the kids of the same gender and the selected few of the opposite gender. This leaves out the vast majority of kids who are of the opposite gender. Again its better to leave out a big group than just a few.

It boils down to the party theme most of the time as well. If you’re hosting a princess party which involves feminine activities such as make-ups and tea party sessions, you may want to leave it as a girls-only party.

The DON’Ts

The One Way Road

Don’t invite kids your child doesn’t know. It is not necessary to invite your child’s entire class to his or her birthday party as mentioned earlier due to your budget and logistics constraints (Venue, party supplies etc). Be sure to mail the invitations to the guests’ homes instead of having your child hand them out at school.

Don’t feel that you have to reciprocate. Tommy across the street invites your child to his party every year — but your kid doesn’t play with Tommy beyond the party. Don’t feel as though you have to invite him just because he always invites your child. By not inviting him, it may send a message to his parents that your children don’t actually play together. Of course use your own personal discretion as not all situations may be similar.


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